About Us

Our company SCIENTIFIC HYDROPONICS is  basically working in Hydroponic Fodder System since  2011 in INDIA. Mr. ASHWIN SAWANT, who is heading this company has been awarded “KRISHI RATNA PURASKAR” OF MAHARASHTRA (INDIA) for his serious work in “HYDROPONIC FODDER SYSTEM“ and “ ANIMAL HUSBANDARY” in 2015 by SHREE NITIN GADKARI {CABINET MINISTER} . Mr Ashwin Sawant has been passionately training people in hydroponic system since 2014.Thousands of people have used this knowledge to run their hydroponic units successfully. His continuous research work in this field since from 2010 has yielded good results in terms of improving quality fodder at affordable prices. He is on a mission to overcome the challenges people are facing while growing this fodder in different parts of the world. Our company’s main motive is to bring Awareness in Animal Husbandry field regarding the importance of nutritious green fodder required by their Cattle’s, Goats, Sheep’s, Pigs, Rabbits, Turkeys, Country Chickens, Horses and many other animals who depends on this fodder line. Our key focus is on providing

  • Consultation and Installation of total Turnkey Projects
  • Training people on setup of Hydroponic Fodder system.

International clients are keen on starting this concept in their Country. Global warming is a challenge at large in all aspects of life on earth. Animal husbandry is one of them. Mr. ASHWIN SAWANT is working seriously to bring a GREEN FODDER REVOLUTION in this WORLD with this new technology. Let’s join our hands with him in this noble work