Ventilation and it’s importance in Hydroponic Fodder System

Ventilation and it’s importance in Hydroponic Fodder System

Ventilation refers to the movement of outdoor air into a room, and the circulation of that air within the room while removing stale air to improve the air quality.

Hygiene is extremely important in Hydroponic system. No matter what you grow, hygiene is the top most thing you should keep in mind

That includes having clean air in the Hydroponic system.

Air conditioning alone does not provide fresh air or ventilation but it controls the air temperature and/or controls humidity.

The ventilation system will contain two types of operations

​A ventilation fan, that helps bring clean air into the enclosed Hydroponic system
​An exhaust fan, that removes pollutants from inside the system

Having a good ventilation in system will

Provide continuous fresh air which is rich in oxygen and carbon dioxide
Maintain temperature and humidity
Remove bad odor
A well-designed ventilation system will bring the air into the system at a specific speed creating the required air pressure to ensure cost savings for heating and cooling

Conclusion –

Who doesn’t love pleasant environment, clean air? Well so does your fodder! A good ventilation system can help you achieve rich quality fodder. That can make you and your animals happy!

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