Temperature and Hydroponic Fodder

Weather. An important element in farming.

The majority of field crops are totally reliant on the weather for their water and energy needs. Additionally, livestock rely on the weather for both comfort and sustenance. Sometimes, unfavourable weather might result in production losses, especially if it happens during crucial growth stages.

Well technology has indeed changed everything.

Hydroponic Farming plays a great role in it. Creating ideal environment instead of depending on weather are just few of it’s many advantages.

Now let’s focus on Fodder

Typically, seeds like maize, barley, millet and wheat are used to grow hydroponic fodder.

The GROW ROOM (is a room where fodder is grown under controlled conditions) needs to have temperature of 25 – 35°c (77 – 95° F) to grow Maize Fodder. While wheat and barley require 20-25°c (68 – 77° F)

For wheat and barley, colder temperatures are essential; if the temperature rises over 25° C, the risk of fungal and mould increases.

Appliances like fans, fan pad coolers, and air-conditioners are used depict colder environment in the grow room

Unlike Wheat and Barely Maize can be grown in higher temperature as well (e.g 30 – 35°c / 86° – 95° F)

However, 30°c/ 86°F would be the perfect temperature for producing nutritious and nourishing maize fodder.

THE INCUBATOR room is where seeds are soaked and sprouted. Ideal temperature of this room should be 22-30°c / 71° – 86° F

WATER TEMPERATURE – The significance of water temperature in hydroponics is often overlooked. Cold water would be ineffective for soaking the seeds since it lacks the warmth necessary for germination. Water temperature should be 20° – 30°c / 68° – 86° F

So in colder regions, where temperature is below 20°c , water is supposed to be heated


It’s essential to regulate the temperature when growing Hydroponic Fodder. But it’s also simple, thanks to devices like air conditioners, fans, heaters, fan pad coolers etc. You can achieve outstanding outcomes by using the proper temperature and providing your fodder with the ideal atmosphere!

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