Importance of seed selection in Hydroponic Fodder

How crucial is seed selection for hydroponic fodder?

The answer is yes, very. Growing your own fodder requires careful seed selection because making the wrong choice can ruin the entire process.

The following factors should be consider while choosing seeds for your fodder.


You must make sure your seeds are of good quality. How can you ensure the quality of your seeds?

1 Make sure your seeds are clean

2 Make sure that seeds are not damaged/broken

  • Make sure that seeds are not too old. or kept in stock for a long time


The right amount of moisture is essential for sprouting.

  1. 13% is the ideal moisture for a seed to have.
    Seeds that have moisture above that are more prone to germs and parasites.
  2. It is easier to store seeds with less than 13% moisture.
  3. You must dry your seeds before you store them, if the moisture is above 13%
  4. Sellers typically prefer to sell seeds with more moisture since it makes the seeds heavier. Be sure to check the moisture of the seeds before buying!

To determine the moisture of the seed, tools like moisture meters are used often


You can always use a test to determine whether all the seeds will sprout or not.
Seeds having germination rate above 90% are ideal for sprouting

Seed selection is important to the sprouting of your seeds. Ensuring you use good-quality seeds, cleaning them, and removing the defective or broken seeds. Ensuring that the moisture content is under 13%. You can grow high-quality, wholesome feed by remembering these few points!

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