Hydroponic fodder is Organic or Inorganic

Hydroponic fodder is Organic or Inorganic

  • Before starting on this topic we will first understand the basics of what is organic or inorganic

When we talk in chemical terms , compound which consist of Carbon(C) and Hydrogen(H) are organic in nature and compounds which do not contain carbon(C) atom are inorganic compound. This is not fixed in all cases   , there are number of exceptional cases in it. For  eg. Water contains organic atom hydrogen(H) but it is inorganic in nature same in carbon dioxide (CO2) ,it contain carbon atom but CO2 by nature is Inorganic compound.

  • Organic word itself indicates that it is derived from the word Organ, basically a operating parts in living Organisms. i.e organic compounds are derived from living organisms(eg of organic compounds -protein ,fats ,enzymes ,lipids any many more)
  • On the other side inorganic compounds are derived from non living things (eg . water, oxygen , carbon dioxide , metals, non-metals, acids, bases, salts etc)
  • Organic compound are non-electrolytes, no ions are formed, hence the rate of reaction is very slow. That is the reason why Organic fertilizers take long period to get activate in soil or in water in presence of bacteria.
  • On the other side Inorganic compounds are electrolytes in nature , they form ions ,hence the rate of reactions is very fast as compared to organic That is the reason that inorganic fertilizers takes very less time to dissociate in water or in soil in absence of bacteria .Due to its quick action, Inorganic fertilizers are more result giving in a very short time  as compared to organic fertilizers.
  • Inorganic fertilizers in a correct form when supplied to plants, they absorb minerals from it very easily in short time.
  • Plants cannot absorb directly organic compounds supplied to them. Sunlight, Bacteria in soil or in water plays very important role in converting this organic compound into inorganic atoms required by plants for generating energy in it.
  • All major Macronutrients and micronutrients are absorbed by plants in Inorganic form which are very important in their growth cycle.
  • In Photosynthesis process, bacteria and sunlight energy is used to form Glucose in plants from Carbon dioxide CO2 (inorganic compound) and water H2O (inorganic compound)
  • While growing Hydroponic fodder if you add any organic fertilizers in water, there is no such bacteria naturally available in it that can convert this matter into inorganic form.
  • If you add organic substance like molasses or any other bacteria culture in it for converting organic form into inorganic form, it will destroy the quality of fodder, the Big reason– its Stinks .

Second reason-life of hydroponic fodder is of 7-8 days, this  bacteria will be inappropriate to convert this organic waste into inorganic salts in such a short time .This concept can be used in Aquaponic vegatables but not in hydroponic fodder

Cattles, goats, rabbits do not like to eats fodder which smells foul.

Hence do not try organic fertilizers to grow Hydroponic fodder.

Only use Inorganic fertilizer (correct form)  in correct proportion for growing your hydroponic fodder.

  • At last whatever’s grows have life in it; is organic in nature; by-products and waste products we get from them are also organic in nature.
  • Hence Hydroponic Fodder is Organic by Nature.

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