HYDROPONIC FODDER a New Hope for Global Farmers and Entrepreneurs in Future

Hydroponic Fodder a new hope for Farmers and Entrepreneurs interested to work in Animal Husbandary Field

  • In last 5 years people are taking lot of interest in growing green fodder by hydroponic method in many parts of world.
    The reason is very open
  • land under cultivation is getting reduced day by day
  • water shortage in different parts of world
  • poor fertile land for growing fodder
  • consistant growth of fodder on land is getting difficult day by day
  • cost of fodder is increasing
  • investment cost and overhead cost like electricity ,diesel engines ,water pumps,tractors,transport vehicles for transporting fodder,fertilizers used for growing fodder,loading and unloading cost of fodder is incresing day by day
  • unfavorable climate for growing fodder due to global warming in todays date
    land cost is increasing day by day,hence difficult to purchase huge firtile land for growing fodder by conventional method
  • skilled and unskilled labour issues increasing day by day on farms

The very interesting part in Hydroponic Fodder technology is that ones you understand the technical concept of growing it, you can grow this green fodder on a very small piece of land in any part of world by just controlling those factors required to grow .
the total fodder grown on 2-3 acres (approx 1 hectare) of land by conventional method can be grown only in just 1500 sqft area of land by hydroponic fodder technology.

Lakhs of liter of water is been utilized to grow green fodder by conventional method on open land, in that 80-90% of water is percolated in land,10-15% of water is evaporated and only 2-5% of water is actually utilized by plant roots for growing .Even if we use advance techniques like drip irregation systems,munching paper etc to save water we can save only upto 30-60% of water as compared to conventional flooding system.But we cannot save water which is saved by hydroponic method,almost 90 – 95% of water is saved compared to conventional method .

In todays date , demand of milk and meat is increasing drastically because of increasing population and to satisfy this need people should get in animal husbandary business,
in upcoming future if we compromise on this comodities there will be a huge shortage in market and ultimatly the demand will be increase and price will also be increase
Hence to balance the market there should be a proper balance between supply and demand of milk and meat.

This sitution is given a huge apportunity to new Entrepreneurs to get in this Business,
the demand of this comodity is never going to stop because of increasing population day by day.

BUT those Entrepreneurs are definitly going to face a big problem of growing green FODDER for there goats,cattles,sheeps,rabbits,turkeys,indigenous chikens,pigs,horses and many other animals which preliminary depends on green fodder .

  • Once a person is getting a proper technique to grow a green fodder in a
  • very Less land
  • Less water
  • Less effort(smart work)
  • Less operating cost
  • Less dependability on workers
  • He/She can build a very good and big future in such fields.

Most important issue in todays date is that people from poor and middle class family having lot of interest in this field , but have no land for starting this business.
They cannot purchase a big piece of land to get start in this field because of its high cost in market, which is the basic requirement to grow fodder in this field.
Non availability of big fertile land is the very big question in front of your todays Youth those who are very much interested to get start in this field

HYDROPONIC FODDER TECHNOLOGY will solve the upcoming quetions of fodder which are going to arise in front of todays youth
In last 10-15 years back , it was not possible for any Farmers or Entrepreneurs to think about hydroponic fodder technology because at that time no proper and practical information was available .
But today,due to Globalization it is possible to share this technology,work on it and start this activity any where on this planet.

At last I will say to my people that they should get in this field, study this technology and get Started.


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