Basically the Ideal temperature condition for growing Hydroponic Maize(corn)fodder we have to maintain the grow room temperature between 26 °C  (77 °F ) to 32 °C (89 °F)

And in case of barley/wheat fodder, we have to maintain temperature between a ranges of 21 °C (°F) to 24 °C (75 °F) in grow room area.

You can measure this temperature by using digital temperature gauge in that room.

So if your Grow Room temperature is below 25 °C in hydroponic maize (corn) fodder and 21 °C in hydroponic barley/wheat fodder, we can say that it is a low temperature area for growing that specific fodder.

In such cases we have to make an arrangement of heat source in a grow room area. There are many different methods to increase the temp inside the grow room

Like Room heaters, Heat exchangers, Simple coil heaters, Incandescent light bulbs, Halogens etc. Sometimes there are limitations to use such equipment’s in many areas where there is no or very less availability of electricity, sometimes high electric bills are also a big issue. In such cases you can use a good quality low fume Charcoal or Wood   to burn in a proper cage arrangement in grow room area. This is the cheapest and best option to save some money in your operations.

Remember that if temperature falls below the range which is mentioned above for different fodders, your growing fodder will not get the required amount of Heat which is very necessary for proper growth and nourishment and ultimately the growing process will slow down.

Also in low temperature the uptake of nutrients by plants is slow down hence you may found some deficiencies in growing fodder.

Normally we get 6-8 kg of Green fodder from 1 kg seed in 8-9 day cycle if proper ideal temperature is maintained in that room, but if the temperature falls below the range, we get an average output of 4-5 kg of green fodder from 1 kg of seed which is not economical and also the quality of fodder is poor, reason – deficiencies of nutrients in it.

Hence it’s very important to maintain the proper range of temperature for growing healthy Hydroponic fodder.

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