Air Circulation in Hydroponic Fodder system

What is air circulation?

Air movement in a place is referred to as air circulation. This is also known as air flow. For example, the movement of people or equipment, ventilation systems and windows can affect the flow of air. The air will “flow” more or less in different areas of a room..

Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) is a unit of measurement for airflow volume, it is determined by how many cubic feet of air pass by a specific area in one minute.

Approximately 80 to 120 CFM should be maintained for a 150 square foot fodder unit.

It gets warmer inside the hydroponic system because of its closed design. If the unit does not have proper air circulators or fans, several negative effects may arise..

Every Hydroponic unit needs a proper circulation of air. So it is very important to install fans/circulators in order to maintain the proper air circulation in the unit.

Without proper air flow it can get warmer causing an increase in humidity and moisture inside, resulting in mould and fungus growing inside the unit. Air circulators/fans help in maintaining the moisture and humidity level in the unit.

  Circulator Fan VS Traditional Fan

Air circulators are air movers that distribute air throughout the closed room properly. The air circulator cools air more consistently. And this ensures that the temperature will stay the same.

When using air circulators, you can even choose to customize the way the air moves by choosing the specific distance you want the air to flow.

Additionally, they also help maintain temperature, as the room temperature never gets too high or too low

Fans DO circulate the air but they also throw gush of wind in one direction, it’s more ideal for smaller units like 100 – 200 kgs to use traditional fans. You have to make sure the flow of air isn’t directly on the fodder or the fodder would become too dry!

Air circulators are a bit more expensive than fans but more convenient for larger units.

Even circulation of air throughout the unit is important as proper amount of air should reach each and every tray.

Moreover it also creates a pleasant environment in the unit. Making fodder and people who work inside it feel fresh and pleasant.

Conclusion :-

Providing proper environment to your fodder is a necessity. As it’s grown in an enclosed space, you have to make sure it get proper amount of good quality air. It’s important but also easy to maintain air circulation thanks to fans/air circulators etc

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