Average Rating: 3.8 stars (based on 8 ratings)

Really Helpful

The workshop provided some very concrete and easy-to-follow tools for evaluating the other person’s stake in the conflict and working toward a solution.

Swapnil Chaudhary
NashikGold Dairy Farm

Simple , Easy and Practical…!

The materials provided really helped put conflict resolution and good communication skills into perspective for us. They are simple, easy to follow and practical tools for us to use in our work lives.

Akshay Rana
Santkrupa Nursery
Madhya Pradesh

Focus was only on Hydroponic Fodder

Training of Hydroponic was OK. It was Practical.. But Goat Farm Training was in short. Less information on Goat Farming was provided. Overall it was good…

Kirti Bharali
Arihant Construction

No To Non-Veg…😨😨

Training was very good, Stay was all good, But No Non-veg . Only veg Dishes , please consider this point..😉 😉😋😋

Salman Ansari
Hydrabad Goat Farm

Tomarrow Future , Hydroponic Fodder .

We were new , But in Training we got lot of expensive experience on Hydroponic Fodder , Goat Farming , Cow Farming etc and Most Imp. Business Management.

Krishna Tapkir

Very Helpful

Hydroponic Fodder Training very Good, Very Informative.

Gaurish Dube
Uttar Pradesh


Hotel Accommodation was not good , No- Non veg Food . Poor Management ..!!

Kapil Das
Hotel Durga

Very Helpful

Project size was not big . It was build on only 6000-7000 sq.ft , it was Ok .But training was really good and very informative . Specially thanks to team for good Accommodation .

Pooja Shah
Pooja Traders


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