People who are in practice of growing hydroponic fodder, they have to focus on 5 major points before going for soaking procedure in this system


Before soaking seeds in water check your seed either they are clean or not if you find that they are unhygienic, clean your seeds with some cleaning solution like hydrogen peroxide or calcium hypochlorite or any other cleaning solution which is safe to use. use very small quantity of chemicals for cleaning the seeds as instructions given on them.


Always select new, good and big size seeds for soaking seeds. If your seeds are old, you may face dormancy issues, germinations issues.

Also there should not be broken seeds present in it , they never sprouts  but on the other side they rot and spoil all the other seeds. This is the major cause why people fail in growing hydroponic fodder.

Seeds should be healthy in size, small size seeds doesn’t give good performance. Biomass of hydroponic fodder reduces in that case.


Maize seed should be soaked in normal water for approximately 12-16 hrs ideally depends upon seed quality and Wheat, Barley, Oats should be soaked for 4-8 hours in normal water. If seed and climatic conditions are not normal seed may take more time for soaking.

Remember one things if you pre-soak or over-soak the seeds, further they will stink/smells bad and get fails to sprout further.

Remember seed soaking procedure should be carried out in dark place only.

 Never expose to light.  


Always remember when you soak the seeds in water your water should not be too Cold or too Hot.

Your seed embryo doesn’t activate if proper water temperature is not maintained.

Hence in winter season or in snow fall area region water temperature should be increased by any heat source up to 30 to 35 degree Celsius (86 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit)

Also in very hot region areas you have to maintain the same temperature range of water in which you are going to soak your seeds

Remember one thing, that in cold areas or in winter season your seeds may take some more time to soak  and in hot region areas it may take less time to soak . Atmospheric temperature and water temperature plays very important role in soaking of seeds.


Water should be clean and tidy. It should be free from all bacteria’s  and foreign dust particles

Nature of water which is used for seed soaking should not be too hard.

It is suggested to use reverse osmosis water for soaking the seeds.

But we can use water whose TDS is not more than 100-150 ppm.  

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  1. Any book in hindi for hydroponic fodder system. Have you any design for structure for hydroponic system for fodder, if so what will be charged for both. Girdhari poddar, po:-Chakradharpur, jharkhand

    1. We r looking to have setup of hydroponic system. We have goat farm in Ner, Dhule. One biggest problem in that location is of electricity, it runs only for 12hrs in a day also schedule of time is varied. Is it possible to have a proper setup in that location.

      1. If you are leaving in the area which has more lightly and sufficient sunlight, then you have two different idea,which makes you to support your farming and earnings at same time..
        You should set solar panel and it support a electricity for farming and you also earns some money by supplying little electricity to some near electrical board on unit basis…it’s great for you and will click it..

  2. Hi thanks to u for give us such good idea and helping us like u say hydroponic is been used alover the world but in India people r not use to it but people like u r doing good job making avernes In people. I from hydrabad and I want to start a sheep farm so I want to know do u make hydroponic complete setup if yes I want a estimateio.

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