What is Hydroponic Fodder

Hydroponic fodder is a cultivation of nutritious green fodder (grass) in water medium with added nutrients in it

Basically seeds like Barley, Oats, Maize, Wheat, Jowar, Bajra are sprouted into high quality green fodder within a period of 7-9 days in a specific given condition in this system.

Due to absence of soil medium in this system nutrients are directly supplied to the roots of plants  in a specific condition of water , hence plants do not need to spend extra energy in search of nutrients, due to this reason growth in fodder is very quick and fast as compared with other fodder grown in soil medium. Normally fodder grown in 7-8 day stage is full of nutrition and enzymes in it.

From 1kg seeds we get approximately 7-9 kg fresh green fodder in 7 to 8 days.

This green fodder produced from sprouts is highly rich in amino acid, fatty acid, and fiber

When seeds are sprout, complex biochemical changes occurs, metabolic activity of seeds is increased

Enzymes get activated at very high level hence nutritional change takes place.

When seeds , legumes are sprouted they become highly digestible. Normally digestibility of fodder is increased by 20% to 95% depends upon the type and quality of seed.

Increase in digestibility of this fodder is due to the important role played by ENZYMES in it. Basically Enzymes are in inactive stage in seed when they are in dry form, but when they are hydrated by water or by any other liquid, inactive enzymes in grain gets  activated and the whole process of energy transformation takes place

The main constituents of food like Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates and Starch from seed, which is not available initially (only 10-25% used) in a dry stage gets available almost 70-90% after sprouting it in a correct form(palatable) to your animals

When seed is sprouted in hydroponic fodder system, Enzymes breakdown the complex structure into simple form

  • Starch which is basically difficult to digest by animals gets converted into Simple Sugar & Soluble Carbohydrates after sprouting & gets available to Digest
  • Crude protein or Complex Protein in a seed after sprouting gets converted into soluble Protein/ Amino acid which is easily Digest by mono-gastric or ruminant animals. Hence this is the reason why Weight in animals is Increased
  • Fats in seed is normally in a non available form (non digestive form) in dry stage gets transformed into Essential fatty acid (almost 60-90%) which can be easily available to animals during digestion

Hence this is the reason why Milk is increased in Goat, Cattles, Sheep’s by 10 to 20 %

Most important about this fodder is that it is a Sprouted Fodder   , its PH is above 7, therefore it comes under ALKALINE FOOD

Alkaline fodder is actually a healthy fodder, because it Neutralize the Acidic waste and gases from the body.

It improves the digestion system of the body

When they eat alkaline food, they actually produce hydrochloric acid in stomach which helps to digest the food

If there is very low intake of alkaline fodder, it is believed that body goes into acidic state .In acidic state body cannot absorb selective nutrients and oxygen & also cannot expel toxins from body. When Oxygen and nutrient level drops in body many serious problem may be occur.

Hence it is concluded that Hydroponic fodder will play a very crucial role in upcoming future in Animal Husbandry sector.


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